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On The State Of Humanity

I don't want to sound like one of those people who hates everybody, but have you ever felt like the majority of modern culture has strayed from the path somehow? When a book that touts itself as a tutorial on sexual relationships even suggests the use of derogatory terms ("slut" being the most common) I can't help but think that the contemporary world just... fails. At life.

I mean, I do see the silver lining, and there are people who've got it right. But these are the exception to the rule, more often than not. The one monkey is a million who's typing out something useful. The vast majority of the rest are ... I don't know. "Sheep", "robots" and "zombies" don't work for me any more. They are human, just like we are. Humans who forget what they are and what they're capable of. Humans who forget that everyone else around them is human, just like they are. Humans who've lost sight of any bigger picture than themselves.

The phenomenon is not only evident in our views on sex, but it's one of the more obvious examples of What You Really Should Not Fucking Do If You Value Humanity At All. I think eowyn797 and I could write volumes of books about What You Really Should Be Doing Instead Of What You've Been Trained To Do, but my guess is that they wouldn't sell particularly well.

Maybe if we put "Cosmo" or "Penthouse" in the title.
Tags: jerks, sex

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